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What is Virtual Bike?

Virtual Bike is a revolutionary installation which leads you to an interactive virtual world, making use of a real bike. Everywhere you are – in your living room, in your office, at the museum,Virtual Bike is a new match point of adventures, information and culture - just for you. Imagine yourself in your own living room: you will be able to explore a Medieval village, visit London Bridge or zip through the overcongested Oxford Circus. You will get the beauty that you want: ride quickly along the Imperial Forum and twist around the Colosseum during your best friend’s birthday party.

How does it work?

The bike is placed on a specific stand; it has modern sensors which give you the chance to interact with a virtual dimension: you will be able to control your speed and direction. In addition, Virtual Bike offers you an audio visual support: all the rest depends on you.



Virtual Bike gives you access to a new dimension with no limits where you will be able to find out stories and curiosities about places you would like to explore, like historical cities or further ones.


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Virtual Bike offers you an unforgettable playful experience. It is a great hang out for you and your friends: challange them along exciting routes and learn how to cross game and action limits. Add new virtual barries, a time limit to pass and a score to reach. Open your mind and let VB fascinate you!


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Virtual Bike’s environment is safe and protected: it reduces some dangerous risks in riding on the road and offers the opportunity to use a bike to people who are not able to move autonomously.


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"It will be good for stationary bike at gym!"

“Fun for corporate events & kids parties”

“Great idea! It’s a really fun game to play. A mom may like it for the all over the world theme”

“Awesome idea!”

“Simply amazing, 10/10!”

“It was really fun, I love it!”

“Such a great experience! world love to have free movement to bike through Naples/Rome!”

“I think the experience was cool because it’s a combination of exercise and fun”

“So much better than Google Street view! More lifelike! much better experience”

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